Our Mission

To help people believe in their POWER to overcome challenges that keep them from living a life of wellness. To provide workshops, create wellness programs, resources, tools, and events that support the health and wellness goals of each individual. To create partnerships with other organizations that will support clients and their families with developing healthier lifestyles.

Our Vision

To create a world of people who have transformed their health and are living a life that is healthy, whole, and free and able to create healthier families for generations to come.

Tiffany D. Kelly)

Healthy LifestyleCoach, Author, Educator, and Speaker

Tiffany Williams is a native of Brooklyn, NY with a winning personality and a heart for people. She’s a wife, international speaker, coach, author, educator, ministry leader, and media personality. Tiffany is the CEO of Tiffany Inspires, a health and wellness lifestyle brand dedicated to creating products and services that help women who are seeking to live a more healthy balanced life. Tiffany Inspires offers group coaching, one-on-one VIP coaching, workshops, cooking classes/parties, digital products and books. This brand includes programs such as Cooking Healthy with Tiffany, I Choose Me, and Spark Your Sexy Fitness. In addition, she is the owner of two other brands, The Yummy Jars and FitTeach. Through workshops, coaching, resources, tools, and events, Tiffany is helping people understand the importance of putting their health and wellness first. She believes that your health and wellness is connected to your ability to fully carry out your purpose. Tiffany has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has given her the ability to help change the lives of so many and create a healthier next generation.
Tiffany is a twenty year educator who has spent the last eleven years providing academic coaching to elementary school educators. She has Bachelors degree in Business Management, a Masters degree in Mathematics Education, and Educational Leadership. Tiffany has received numerous awards including Capitol View Elementary School’s 2009-2010 Teacher of the Year, New York State Lottery Teacher of the Week, and nominated for New York State Teacher of the Year. She’s completed coursework in advanced nutrition, is a certified fitness instructor, and has over seven years experience with group fitness and health and wellness coaching. Currently, Tiffany is working on completing her NASM Nutrition Coach Certification.
Tiffany is the author of Lady of Power: 31 Mind, Body and Power Inspirations for the Weight-loss Journey, which includes thirty-one inspirations to motivate and encourage women on their journey to a healthy lifestyle! In 2020 she published the FitTeach™ Self-care Planner and FitTeach™ Self-care Journal to help educators create a self-care plan for their wellbeing. In September of 2020 she released her first cookbook titled, Cooking Healthy with Tiffany named after her popular live cooking series on Facebook. Tiffany is a contributor in the Amazon best-seller book, Awesome Women on the Move Inspirational Daily Journal.
Tiffany is the recipient of the 2018 Rising In Community Excellence Award (R.I.C.E.) for Health and Wellness for her dedication to helping people adopt healthier lifestyles. She has been featured on television, radio, in magazines, and as a speaker at conferences and retreats. Tiffany’s own personal journey of losing over 80 pounds and rising above the many weight-loss challenges inspires so many! She is determined to help people live healthy, happy, and FREE.
When Tiffany isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends. She enjoys cooking, traveling, working out, journaling, thrifting, and creating custom wigs.

Make Your Health and Wellness a PRIORITY


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