Tiffany D. Kelly

Coach | Educator | Author | Speaker

Please see below for a few of the powerful topics she will deliver to motivate and inspire your audience!  Tiffany speaks on a variety of topics and can customize a topic or workshop for your audience, so feel free to connect with her here.  Check out one of her talks here.

Workshops for 2023!

Cooking Healthy with Tiffany Online Cooking Events 

It’s time to party!!!! Get your family together, grab some friends or colleagues and let’s meet in our kitchens for some healthy cooking fun! Tiffany will bring the music, the recipes, and some amazing energy to your party. This virtual experience is guaranteed to boost participants’ spirits and motivate them to cook more healthy meals at home. There are packages available to meet the vision you have for your party. Let’s eat healthy together! Book Today!

How to WIN Every Day on Your Health and Fitness Journey

Let Tiffany motivate, inspire, and transform your mindset through this powerful interactive workshop.  Are you tired of being on the cycle of losing and gaining, losing and gaining?  Can’t seem to get your health and fitness journey on a consistent path?  In this workshop Tiffany shares how she began her weight-loss journey.  She takes you on her journey as she shares how she lost over 80 pounds, overcame high blood pressure, food addictions, battles with self-esteem, depression, and a host of other life changing issues to now living the life God has purposed her for!  But she also shares the many setbacks that at times caused her to want to give up.  She teaches you easy to implement strategies, shares, resources, and tips to help you WIN every day on your journey.  Be ready to discover or re-connect with your WHY and learn how to eat healthy, stay, fit (or get fit), and create a plan for success that’s lasting.   Book Today!

No More Trash in His Temple

Do you know who you are?  Do you know that you’ve been called for a mighty purpose?  Have you made the necessary changes to your lifestyle to live healthy and ready to serve?  This workshop was designed for faith based organizations who are serious about helping God’s people make a shift in how they care for their body, God’s temple.  In this workshop participants learn how important thier health is tied to their purpose and how to make changes to what they eat while on a budget and with little time to prep.  They will leave this transformational workshop with resources, strategies, tips and tools to that can be implemented right away.  It’s time to get God’s people on track  so they can fully walk in their purpose and complete their earthly assignment!  Book Today!

Cooking Healthy with Tiffany presents…Delicious Meals on The GO!

Are you bored with eating the same ole meals every week?  Want to eat healthy but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen?  This workshop is for you!  In this workshop you will learn about basic nutrition and how to create a healthy meal plan with delicious meals that take thirty minutes or less.  In addition, this workshop includes a food demo and an opportunity to taste some of Tiffany’s delicious recipes!  Participants will receive a nutrition guide, recipes, meal-prep tips, and more.  Book Today!

The “Fit” Educator Series:  Put Your Oxygen Mask on First to Fly High and Serve Others

You are about to fly the first workshop in The “Fit” Educator series!  As an educator you give so much of yourself each day to help educate the leaders of tomorrow.  But in doing so, oftentimes you forego your own self-care to meet the demands of the many stakeholders in education.  Truth is, the education profession is losing educators every year due to burnout, sickness, and even death because of their failure to put the oxygen mask (self-care) on themselves first!  This workshop will be your oxygen. You will learn easy ways to make daily actionable steps to care for yourself, so that you can thrive and serve others. You will leave with more oxygen (a self-care plan) and ready to fly high (excel) like the educator you are.  Self-preservation is essential, don’t make wellness optional!  Book Today!


Ladies, have you put everything else before self?  Are you tired of never seeming to have time to for fitness?  Don’t like the gym and need something different?  SPARK YOUR SEXY Fitness events are definitely what you need!  These events are for women who want some time for self and want to be surrounded by other positive, likeminded women who want to get fit and stay fabulous.  This one hour of fun will have you back for more.  The sessions are always designed to meet each women where she is on her fitness journey.  Therefore, no matter your fitness level, all are welcome!  Book Tiffany for your next retreat, conference, or special event.  This event includes a “girl chat session”, SYS wristband, along with fitness class.  Other add-ons are available.