It’s time to choose YOU!

You may have been putting yourself last but it’s time to put YOU first! Take a break from it all and have brunch with us. There are some new friends waiting to meet you!

Join us for an empowering and life-changing event with a purpose. You pour into others daily but do you ever have those moments where you feel like you are losing yourself? Are you ready to begin that journey back to you and find your “happy place”. This brunch event is for YOU, the woman who is ready to CHOOSE herself.






Break the cycle of feeling overwhelmed.

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up? Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed? Feeling this way can be a cycle—at times, we all feel like we’ve got too much on our plates. We work hard, but still, end up feeling unfulfilled. But by meeting with other women who understand your situation, you can learn strategies for managing stress and feelings of overwhelm.

Give yourself the gift of self-care.

This is a special day for you to honor your needs, be in community with others, and receive encouragement from women who can relate to your story. Give yourself the gift of self-care and CHOOSE YOU!

The healthy habits you need to live a happier, healthier life.

You will learn easy ways to eat your way to a healthier life. Come indulge in some amazing healthy eats courtesy of Cooking Healthy with Tiffany and The Yummy Jars! 

BONUS!!!  You get to watch Tiffany cook live right in front of you just like she does for her popular Facebook live show, Cooking Healthy with Tiffany! 

you deserve an afternoon to do something for yourself!

The I Choose ME Brunch is a safe place for you to find your happy place.

Are you ready to Choose YOU? Here’s what’s included:


Only available to 15 special women who are ready to CHOOSE themselves!!

Earlybird Special price: $65.00
After October 15th: $80.00

About Your Host

Tiffany D. Williams is a native of Brooklyn, NY with a winning personality and a heart for people. She’s a wife, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, author, international speaker, and a 20 year educator with the last ten years spent as an Instructional Coach.  Tiffany is the CEO of Wright’s Legacy Enterprises, a company comprising several brands with one focus… providing services and products that help people improve their health and wellness.  She is the founder of FitTeach, a division of her company dedicated to bringing more awareness to the importance of being a well educator.  In addition, Tiffany currently serves as an Academic Coach with Clayton County Public Schools.

Tiffany is an Amazon best-selling author.  Her books include Lady of Power:  31 Mind, Body, & Power Inspirations for the Weight-loss Journey, FitTeach Self-care Planner and Journal, a contributor in the book, Awesome Women on the Move Inspirational Daily Journal, Cooking Healthy with Tiffany cookbook, and I Choose Me Journal.

Tiffany is the recipient of several awards and  has been featured on television, radio, in magazines, and as a speaker at conferences and retreats. Her own personal journey of losing over 80 pounds and rising above the many weight-loss challenges inspires so many! Tiffany is determined to help people live healthy, happy, and FREE.

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