“It’s the pretty food for me!”

Join the next Cooking with Tiffany Cooking Masterclass happening December 13th! Spend the evening having fun in the kitchen live with Tiffany via Zoom!

Next Class is December 13th!

It’s finally here!! Cooking with Tiffany ALL-OVER EVERYTHING Seasoning!! This seasoning is Tiffany’s special blend of 12 herbs and spices that is guaranteed to level up whatever you put it on. The ALL-OVER EVERYTHING Seasoning is great on chicken, fish, steak, shrimp, pasta, veggies and more! Grab a bottle or two while supplies last.

Make your next event memorable by booking a Cooking with Tiffany Cooking Experience event!

Cooking Healthy with Tiffany Cookbook

Is your answer for fresh ideas to tantalize your taste buds without sacrificing calories! Tiffany has created an amazing collection of easy to follow recipes that makes living a healthy lifestyle doable and sustainable.

“Healthy food does taste yummy!”

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Meet Tiffany D. Kelly

Tiffany D. Kelly Williams is a native of Brooklyn, NY with a winning personality and a heart for people. She’s a coach, author, international speaker, educator, women’s ministry leader, and media personality. Tiffany is the CEO of Tiffany Inspires, a company dedicated to providing services and products that help women and their families improve their health and wellness by learning how to make their self-care a priority. This brand includes three micro brands, Cooking with Tiffany, I Choose Me, and Spark Your Sexy Fitness. In addition, she is the CEO of FitTeach, a company dedicated to delivering dynamic workshops and coaching that help improve the wellness of educators.