Time to Re-Ignite!!

Setbacks are temporary pauses for God to get your attention for the next phase in the journey. He wants you to take a moment and reflect deeply on all the pieces he has revealed to the puzzle for your journey. Next, He wants you to realize that He is all you need and faith is a must!

A lil more than a year ago God was trying to get my attention that  He was about to shake up my life for my good when my former principal of my school, mentor, and second mother suddenly retired.  Her retirement was the beginning of God breaking up my comfort zone and pushing me to a place I had never been before. You see, prior to her retirement I had an enormous, crazy drive for my career as an elementary school Instructional Coach.  But with her leaving, it left me in a space of uncertainty because the new administrator coming in didn’t have to keep me on board.  Luckily, I was able to stay but unbeknownst to me at the time, this would be the school year that challenged me more than ever.

On Friday, November 7, 2014, my mentor and former boss passed away after a long battle with heart disease. As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I have to tell you this has been the deepest pain of losing a loved one I have felt since losing my grandmother in 2010. But it has been the greatest catalyst for me to push and strive for greatness because they would want me too!  As  I reflect on last school year, going to work knowing I couldn’t talk to her ever again was like living in a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. I don’t think people really knew how much pain I was in except my teammate Anna. There were days in our office in the midst of work madness we grieved and cried together.  People didn’t really know how hard it was to work every day and  smile but on the inside be so torn up! Those were some of the hardest days in my career.  But this setback was God’s message for me to no longer get comfortable but to get moving!  Just like me, God has an assignment for each of us and often times, a setback can be the birth of God’s message He wants you to share with the world so that others with draw near to Him.  As I remember her words daily, and sometimes cry, I fight because I know God is not through with me yet and these challenges will keep me strong!

In the midst of a challenging school year, I found myself in conversations with God every morning driving to work, getting my mind right so that I could do God’s work.  One morning in March of this year, while driving to work I remember telling God, “God, if I lost everything, I have everything because I have you!”  You know how we can have these intimate moments with God but do you really mean it?  Deep, right!

Well I believe God said, “Really?  Do you really believe if you lost everything, you would still have everything?  Let’s see how strong your faith is?”

On June 21st while away caring for my dad (that’s another blog entry coming soon) for almost two months, I was awaken with a phone call to tell me that my house was on fire!!  My heart sunk, I screamed and cried out so hard because my worst fear of losing my home in that matter had just manifested.  All I can remember saying was, “Please tell me my house is not on fire!!” As I prepared to take the five hour ride back home that felt like twenty four hours unrelenting pain, I began to call on God because only He could help me.  He had me just where He wanted me…Alone and in His presence.  As I drove and cried, a calmness began to overtake me as I remembered what I told God three months prior, ” If I lost everything, I have everything, because I have you!”  God was preparing for the transformation of my life!  The next phase on my journey was about to begin.  Over the past six months my life has taken some turns that I would have never expected but all things are working for my good!  Of course I could continue and go even deeper in details about that day, but this is where God wants me to pin it.

With the exception of my belongings that were in my car from being away, and a few other small items, and surprisingly most of my pictures, I lost EVERYTHING in the physical sense but I have EVERYTHING because God is my everything!!

It’s a NEW YEAR and the work I started last year to help women slowed down for a while but it’s time to re-ignite the journey and get moving!! I was down for a minute but I refuse to stay down! We gotta get back up! In my upcoming book, “Lady of Power:  31 Mind, Body & Power Inspirations for Your Weight-Loss Journey”, I write about staying inspired and motivated despite setbacks.  

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Once you have come to terms with the unequivocal fact that God is in control and all these events no matter how good or bad these setbacks may seem…it is for your good…You must spring into action, re-ignite your journey and walk in your purpose like never before. What seemed like a setback was designed to make clear to you that you were called to do a mighty work and it is time to get moving.

God decided to remove some things, distractions out of the way so that you can see that your assignment is crucial to the deliverance of His people. You are a chosen vessel set on this Earth to do things and change the lives of God’s people. Your circumstances and how you overcome are God’s way of using you to minister to His people by being a public demonstration of His power and purpose.  Therefore, encouraging others to lean on Him for direction and deliverance! So, it is time to re-ignite your journey, hop back in, and smile, rejoice, and give God the praise for the setback(s) that will allow you to come back better than ever before.

I thank you God for the fire, not just the physical one but the fire in me (in you) to run this race like never before! And God, anytime I lose focus and things get too cluttered, feel free to come in and clean house again to keep your assignment for my life and those who I have been assigned to be my top priority!


The POWER is in YOU!  Stand in the midst of it all and smile like never before!


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  1. Very well said ....I ON ASSIGNMENT, I am even more eager to get your book....stay blessed and keep on keeping on!

    Love always

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