Group Coaching Program

The I Choose Me Group Coaching Program is Tiffany’s newest program that is transforming the lives of women. This program is mainly for women forty and over (younger women are welcome) who have neglected themselves and feel they have lost themselves, learn how to recommit to their self-care and learn strategies for prioritizing their needs every day so they can adopt healthier eating habits, shed unwanted pounds, pause, connect with self, and discover what truly makes them happy. New cohort opening in January! Register today! Book your consultation session today. Limited seats available.

Cooking Healthy with Tiffany Cooking Parties

Ditch the normal party scence, grab your family, friends, or co-workers and book a Cooking Healthy with Tiffany Cooking Party! Choose one of Tiffany’s amazing packages that meet the needs of your guests. You will enjoy chatting, learning techniques for cooking food healthy, and dancing to the music!

Corporate Wellness for Educators Program

The FitTeach program is “The” Corporate Wellness program for educators, schools and district staff. FitTeach is designed to help educators prioritize self-care. Let us design a FitTeach program for your educators and we will help reduce absenteeism, teacher attrition rates, and lower healthcare costs. Our FitTeach programs provide wellness programs that will help educators and staff reduce stress and anxiety, promote healthy eating habits, and incorporate fitness daily. This wellness program will increase work performance and job satisfaction. Happy and healthy educators equals happy students and academic success! If educators are not well, they are not well, they are not only able to come to work but when they do, they are not their best self. Therefore, students are not able to receive the quality instruction needed to achieve success! FitTeach will design a wellness program to suit the needs of each district or school to help educators and staff live their best and most healthiest life yet!